Living in a Community That Cares

communitiesThe cost of living nowadays is sky high especially if you want to live a healthy and sustainable life. We think that in our world today, we are the only ones who want to live that way because we see all the time how people no longer care about the environment or about their communities in general. A typical scene nowadays would be to live in a condo unit side by side for four years without knowing each other’s names or even the most basic information about their lives. Neighbours have become disposable and not worth knowing. However, we have a choice of no longer living that way. There are a lot of communities that are environment conscious and so preserving has become an everyday activity for them.

Alternative communities range from small to large communities, some have complete privacy while others want the company of other people, they are based on various themes and one of them is the alternative community for people who want to live an eco-friendly life. [Read more...]

Intentional Living Defined

Word cloud for Intentional communityWhen people say intentional communities, most of the time they draw blank faces from others. A lot would think that they died out during the 1960s and1970s but this is not true, there are still communities thriving from long ago and there are new ones recently built. Intentional communities are just like the communities that we have now; however, aside from the same geographic location they also have something more, like teamwork, communal activities and the same visions and principles.

Unlike most of the western communities nowadays where individuality and independence is highly regarded, intentional communities share their resources and responsibilities. And contrary to popular belief, not all intentional communities are the same. They have different goals and purposes. Some are political, spiritual or they want to live in an eco-friendly environment, or they serve other people like war refugees or the disadvantaged. [Read more...]

Creating an Intentional Community

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out a better way of living, a way of getting away from the spend, spend, spend world most people live in and we think we have it. It’s called an Intentional Community.

What is an Intentional Community?

This is a group of people who live together on one small community, people who are drawn together by their beliefs that sharing and co-operation are better than standing alone.  Intentional communities are different the world over – some are united in religious belief, others by philosophy.

The thing is, actually building one of these communities is difficult. Most people just want to live a good standard of life where they are happy. They want to live in peace in a place where their children are safe and where everyone helps everyone else out.

What Are Our Goals

Our goals in building an intentional community are to create a sustainable community, one that gives us all free access to clean air and clean water, food, somewhere to build without being saddled with a ton of debt and somewhere where our children can be happy and live in safety.

It won’t be easy to set up and it will require a number of investors if it is to work properly. Investors will receive their own plot of land and the money will go towards building housing, infrastructure, and any lease fees will pay taxes, legal costs and any other costs associated with running a community.

Our children will be schooled properly – if we can’t have a school then we will get together and home school them but they will not miss out on their education, nor will they miss out on their childhood.

Food will be raised and grown as far as possible on our own land –it will take a while to set up and get going but it can work if everyone pulls together.

This is a dream for us at the moment but one day it may become reality. What is reality is the fact that so many children the world over will never have the opportunities that our children do and will. You can help that with just a small donation. You can sponsor a child in Australia and help countless children receive the best start in life.

Going with Non Traditional Office Setups

There is an ebb and flow in corporations. There was a flow towards flexitime, starting in the 1970s and 1980s, and which became telecommuting, and then even later, work from home. Nowadays, some of the larger corporations have decided to go back to the office. For regional offices, there are variations to the theme, where the company has offices, and the regional staff can go to work there, if needed. It sounds like a half-baked solution, although it does work, everyone is working, and everyone is happy about it.

There are several reasons for the flexibility. First off, there would be instances when the corporate headquarters personnel would need to go to the regional office. For another, this allows employees to meet one another and still retain a sense of being in a corporate environment. Lastly, having offices allows employees to bring their clients or guests to a boardroom or a meeting which they can call their home turf.

The old concept of a corporate office or a regional office as a workplace has slowly changed over the years. Between an impetus for efficiency and cost savings, there are a lot of things to be said for both working from the office and working from home. The internet and advances in telecommunications have brought about changes in how we do business. For some companies, they were able to adopt and move forward leaving their competitors stuck in the old business paradigms. For others, pushing the envelope too much has resulted in companies stumbling to retain leadership. Still others lead the way to a cul-de-sac and were forced to close down. Getting ahead in the modern age is a balancing act of holding on to old tenets, and new work practices.

Leapfrogging to the future has always been a dream for a lot of companies. Unfortunately, the nature of the future being inherently unpredictable is not to be overlooked. For companies, which started in garages and kitchens, having their own office, such as a posh Chicago office rental, is a step forward and a positive development. It takes a lot of thought and discussions before a corporation should leave the office environment. However, the important thing is to stay open to the different possibilities.

The Non-Traditional Needs by People Who are Physically Challenged

Disability and being physically challenged may happen to anyone at anytime in life, and may be brought about by some preexisting medical condition, an accident or illnesses. People who are physically challenged need to adjust to their change in situation and abilities and have alternative ways to perform different activities. Adjustment can be easier if a physically challenged person considers the following things.

Home Remodeling

Innovations have been made through the years to assist people so they can live life more conveniently and comfortably. Some people remodel their houses or room so they can move around easily. Since remodeling houses is not for everyone, there are also specific equipment that can easily be installed in the home such as portable ramps, shower chairs, grab bars, toilet seat extenders and a whole lot more.

Social Security

Being physically challenged may sometimes require home health care and social security benefits. Depending on the degree of the disability, a person can be granted in-house care, or residency in a home or community with assisted living, hospital benefits, etc. In order to be granted these benefits, the person may need legal representation like an experienced disability lawyer. If you’re in Alabama, be sure to check out the Auburn disability lawyers here. A disability lawyer will present a case before the Social Security Administration and help his clients claim the benefits they are entitled to.

Health and Financial Support

Some people with disability need continuous medical care. Health care providers must provide specific kind of support such as home visits. Some may even need a specialist and it is important that a person with disability is comfortable around his doctor. Financial support is also very crucial for people with disabilities so they can continue to afford their therapy and medications. One way to secure financial stability is through getting social security benefits just like the ones mentioned above.

Support Group Systems

Friends and family play a very important role to make adjustments easier for people with disability. Local and online support groups are also very helpful so that people who are going through these difficult transitions can understand, accept, and move on with their lives.


Living a Non-Traditional Lifestyle

The hustle and bustle of modern living proves too be really stressful to most people. Most people won’t admit it, but they actually find the expectations of modern living too hard to meet. Most people aspire to have as many material possessions as they can because they believe that the goal of modern life is to achieve status through one’s wealth. We’re here to inform you that this doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, you may go down that path if you want to, but we’re telling you that there are alternatives to such a mode of living. In this post, we are going to talk about living a minimalist lifestyle, and we’re going to do it by taking a look at the life of one Albert Shields.

Albert Shields is a painter who lives in a small house in the country. Despite having the skills to actually become a manager at a high profile tech company, Shields left his old life behind to live in a small house in the woods. Despite not having as many material possessions as he used to, he’s much happier with his life now. Shields is just one of the many people who have left behind their materialistic lifestyle and become much happier as a result. We asked Shields about what makes his new life so much better than his old one, and here’s what he told us:

“The best thing about the life I live right now is that I actually don’t own much. People think that material things bring happiness. Sure, they do, but the happiness they bring is temporary. This is why so many rich people end up leading “empty” lives. Because they can afford almost everything and they’ve always thought the pursuit of material possessions is the primary goal of life, they often experience ennui. The truth is that happiness comes from living an “examined” life. Living for the sake of honing one’s skills, experiencing new things, and, for many people, being charitable to others, often brings the most happiness to people. Just because one doesn’t have possessions doesn’t mean one will never be truly happy; in fact, the opposite is the case. The less we own, the more freedom and happiness we have.”

Of course, as a painter who hasn’t achieved celebrity status in the art world, Shields is not able to earn enough to provide for his family through his primary job. Even though fewer possessions result in more freedom and happiness, meeting the basic needs of one’s family still necessitates having to earn a fair bit of money. The good news is that Shields is able to do this through binary options trading (learn more about it here).

Binary options trading (click here to know more) isn’t a typical career; it doesn’t consume people as much as most jobs today. One can earn a fair bit of money through it just by spending an hour or two a day doing it. Because Shields doesn’t have to spend a lot of time doing it, he’s still able to devote most of his time to the pursuit of inner happiness and taking care of his family.

Hopefully, this post of mine proves insightful. Tomorrow, we’ll be talking about the baby steps you need to take to successfully transition to a minimalist lifestyle. So please, do visit our website again tomorrow.

Taking Baby Steps Towards Adopting a Non-Materialistic Lifestyle

In today’s world, virtually everyone tries to get a “traditional” office job. They think that being yuppies with high salaries is what they need to be in order to live “fulfilling lives.” They think that the sign of success in life is having a really nice car, having a large home, and having nice clothes. Although some people do find such a life fulfilling, most people still end up experiencing ennui even when they have already found “success” in life. This is because materialism only leads to shallow fulfillment. It’s really a shame that society places such high value on such a worldview.

However, you should know that even in today’s world, there are alternatives to living a materialistic lifestyle. By living a lifestyle that eschews materialism, one can find the utmost satisfaction in life easily. However, I do understand that most people, even when they are more than willing to live a lifestyle that eschews materialism, need to take baby steps in order to reach their goal. In this post, I am going to focus on one baby step towards living a non-materialistic lifestyle that people can take: working a job that doesn’t require much human interaction.

Now, you might be thinking, what does having a job that doesn’t require talking to other people have to do with living a non-materialistic lifestyle? The truth is that working jobs where other people depend on you will keep your ties to a materialistic lifestyle strong. Even when you’re all set to leave everything behind, having responsibilities towards other people can keep one from leaving their old lifestyle behind. The good news is that there are many lines work that one can pursue in order to leave their old lifestyle behind. For this post, however, I am only going to concentrate on binary options trading.

By trading with Banc de Binary or any other EU licensed brokerage, one ends up having work that pays well despite not requiring much human interaction. This is because the financial regulations set on such brokerages work to protect their clients. Because such a job pays well, it softens the blow of switching to another line of work. The problem with most people is that when they switch to a line of work that’s more solitary in nature, they find that the decrease in pay is way too much for them to handle (most solitary jobs don’t pay as much as traditional, office-based jobs). For this reason, they immediately go back to their old lives. By doing binary options trading, one ends up making a baby step that helps increase one’s chances of adopting a non-materialistic lifestyle.

Hopefully, this post of mine proves to be helpful to the many people out there who want to explore alternative modes of living. By living a non-materialistic lifestyle, you will definitely do yourself a lot of favor in the end. Although directly adopting such a lifestyle may prove to be too hard, know that there are certain baby steps towards adopting such a lifestyle that you can take. By taking such baby steps, you will certainly increase your chances of adopting a lifestyle that eschews the emptiness of modern life.

Alternative Financial Strategies for Retirement

In the Western World retirement is a pursuit that many people plan for, but it tends to be a fairly traditional form of retirement. This means that a married couple (or single person) saves enough money to live out their golden years as comfortably as possible. However, the financial crisis and similar events have forced a change in retirement thinking and people are starting to join together to create retirement communities where all retired couples and singles share their resources and support each other. This is a great idea and a really sensible alternative to the traditional forms of retirement. The only way that we are going to survive the changing world is by communities supporting each other and banding together to form groups. This way we can all have a bright future and prevent the resources from being drained away from the future generations. The following are three alternative financial arrangements for retirement.

Share Everything
The most basic, but also the most radical, idea for retirement savings is to join with other couples and create a retirement pool of funds that everyone has access to for everyday living. This fund is overseen by the members and decisions on how the money is accessed and how much can be used is decided on a committee basis. This option requires a high level of trust and a number of couples/singles that share the same goals in retirement. This is certainly an extreme financial arrangement, but it can be a great way of supporting an elderly community during the years of retirement. You need to carefully evaluate your situation before you get involved with this sort of arrangement.

Pooling Investments
An alternative to putting all of your money into a retirement pot is to pool money with other people for retirement investments. A larger pool can create more opportunities for investment and, with the right structure, your portion of the investment will remain separate from the others. This is quite popular in Australia where members setup their own self managed super fund (a smsf is a type of retirement investment account) and pool their super money to invest in property, or other type of investment, that they wouldn’t be able to afford on their own. You can find more smsf strategies at and although this information relates specifically to Australia we can learn a lot from it.

Family support
The third alternative option is to pool resources with other family members. This works especially well for siblings because they often reach retirement age at similar times. Some siblings are now choosing to live together in retirement, which makes it easier to manage the financial responsibilities of home ownership/rental. This can be a great option, but you must be able to trust your family members and be able to deal with conflict. If you are not able to do this then it can cause major divisions in the family.

There are many alternative arrangements for retirement and these are suitable for almost anybody. As with any financial arrangements you should consult a financial planner and solicitor before any agreement is made. Let’s all think about alternative ways of living so that we can enjoy living in harmony!

What Makes Living in an Intentional Community Different?

Friends showing thumb upIntentional communities are not ordinary communities that we normally see or know. Usually when we live in a neighbourhood, we do not get to choose who we live in close proximity with. Sometimes they are welcoming and send pies or visit new neighbours but there are others who do not know who lives next door to them. With intentional communities, people actually have a harmonious relationship with each other through community-wide activities or their daily interactions with each other.

In a normal society, there are roles that must be played by the people however these roles are not strictly held by an intentional community. A janitor and a manager may have a strict adherence to their working roles but if they live in the same intentional community they shed these roles whenever they come home. If people are bound by their roles even in their own communities then sometimes their potentials are not maximized. In an intentional community, everyone volunteers for a couple of hours per week on an activity they liked best. If this janitor and manager like carpentry they can work together in a house building project without the boss-worker relationship that they normally have. Being a manager in the corporate world will limit you to your job description and people will wonder why you work in manual labour when you can just pay someone for that. But this is not the case with intentional communities, people are equal here and they have the freedom to live life the way they want to.

When living in an intentional community it is possible to feel deep feelings of love for someone who in the normal society you would not even talk to. This is because social masks and roles are shed in this environment and people are free to talk to others. They care more about the people in their surroundings because of everyday interactions and community based activities. Contrary to popular belief, people who live in intentional communities are free and the system is democratic. Living in one is a choice and anyone is also free.

Living in these communities are really different from what people are used to. Here, more important and relevant concerns like family, friends and relationships are treasured.